Footwear To Wear To Your Next Kickabout

Football is a highly competitive and popular sport that depends upon learned skills, reflexes and teamwork. But other factors can affect your performance such as your choice of clothing when you are playing. So instead of tarnishing your luxury streetwear trainers, you should instead opt for a pair of kicks specifically designed for football.


Arguably footwear is the most important piece of kit that you will be wearing when playing football, ensuring that your footwear matches the environment in which you are playing football not only increases your performance but also reduces your chances of injury. Choosing footwear that is suited to your environment can help your feet have the right amount of traction, improving your ability to handle the ball and reducing your chances of falling over. Here is a list of environments and the best kinds of footwear to wear in each:

  • 3G Pitches: Artificial grass foot football boots are the most suitable footwear option to wear on 3G pitches, you can also wear firm ground or astroturf boots. But for the best degree of performance on a 3G pitch, you should stick to artificial grass football boots. Additionally, it is recommended that boots with a plastic
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How To Shop For The Best Christmas Dress

Christmas party dresses

Christmas is right around the corner and that means one thing. It is time to find the most show-stopping Christmas dress possible! Each year we are hit with more stunning choices of Christmas party dresses, that can make it so hard to choose from them all. Shopping for the right one will take some time and you need to start thinking about it a few months in advance, but it will all be worth it when you look your best over the festive period.

In this blog post, we will share our favourite tips and tricks for finding the best Christmas dress in the shops. Have your purse and Christmas spirit at the ready!

Consider the event to wear it

First of all, you need to consider what events you will need to have a dress for. Do you host an annual Christmas extravaganza you need to look your best for? Or have you got a work Christmas party you need to look great for? Gather all of the possible festive events you will need to attend and this will determine the level of effort you will need to make when finding a dress. Your Christmas party at home … Read the rest